Here is a bit of Pop Noir for the dark and quiet hours.Haunting and beautiful…

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What some have said about his music

“The intensity of his spirit paired with his musical prowess creates an evocative combination that will make this album soar.”


  Morena Duwe

The Huffington Post

“I really can’t recommend this one highly enough to you”

Thy Demons be scribling

“You’re sure to love the new album titled “America” from musician Ben Lorentzen” Melanie

WHIM online Magazine

“In the end, America is apt title, for it is an album wide and expansive like its namesake with the same inimitable sense of identity and purpose.”


  Cody Conard

The Big Takeover

Do you enjoy the music of Leonard Cohen – with its subtle romanticism, darkness, and sensuality? How about Nick Cave’s haunting songs, or Chris Cornell’s gritty and soulful moods? Do you need to expand your musical experience?

Listen now to a new voice in the industry who has already taken the local scene by storm.

Ben Lorentzen’s music has been characterized by music critics and fans alike as “acoustic pop noir”…

It’s dark and soulful, punctuated by light elements that strike a chord in all listeners.

Seducing and infiltrating itself in the minds and hearts of people with its themes…

Ben Lorentzen’s songs combines all that is best from the styles of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Chris Cornell – Cohen’s subtle sensuality that lingers even after listening, Cave’s ability to haunt dreams and desires, and Cornell’s soulfulness.

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